K Tigers After School

The taekwondo after school program is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn and practice the ancient martial art of taekwondo in a structured and supportive environment. This program is designed to not only teach self-defense techniques but also to instill discipline, focus, and self-confidence in the participants. Through regular training sessions, students will improve their physical fitness, coordination, and agility while also developing important life skills such as respect, perseverance, and determination. The program is led by experienced and certified taekwondo instructors who provide expert guidance and mentorship to the students. Whether the participants are beginners or experienced practitioners, they will find the after school program to be engaging, challenging, and rewarding. Joining this program is a great way for students to stay active, learn valuable skills, and have fun after school.

Unique After School Activities

Our programs will be guided to the right directions for their future

Improve physical and mental fitness

students will improve their life skills through our program

Help to achieve their goals

Through our programs, children can learn and get help to achieve the goals.