Children Class

Tiny Tigers Club

Master An and his staffs are specialized in working with children between the
ages 3 to 5 kwon as Tiny Tigers.

Classes are tailored to child's developmental needs featuring "LIFE SKILLS" that
will aid them in school, sports and home.

Each individuals will be taught at their own pace to develop
their individual capabilities and maximize their potential.

We know the power of practice and "POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT."

* Build Self-Confidence
* Improve Self-Control for better behavior
* Sharpen listening skills
* Enhance strength and coordination for sports and daily life

Little Tigers Club

Why do K Tigers Children get better GRADES??

It's as easy as 1 + 1 = 2!!

K Tigers students develop the self-discipline to pay attention in class and to study at home.
They learn to strive for excellence in everything they do.
Imporve grades
Develop discipline
* Build Confidence
* Develop the winning habit
It's a whole different kind of education!!

There is absolutely no obligation to try our FREE Introductory Program. After you participate in the Introductory Program and love it (as most people do), you are welcome to register as a regular student. If, however, you feel that our program is not suited for you, there is absolutely no obligation to continue. We look forward to meeting you soon - Call us today!

Improve Life Skills
Learn from the BEST!